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Twisting into Tropical Paradise
Fun Meet

We are hosting an in-house fun meet!

Saturday May 21st.

Cost is $50

Registration Deadline

is March 31st!

Spectator Fee: $5


All gymnast in Mighty Mites, Recreational Classes, Pre-Team and Team are invited to this fun meet!


The skills for the routines are already being taught in their classes, so it will be a simple matter for them to put them together in an order.

There is no stress! This is a fun entry level meet! If they forget their routine their coach can talk them through it.

We will have awards! Everyone will receive a medal for each event and all-around. That's five medals!

Everyone gets a leotard!

Make sure that you fill out the form to receive a leotard!

Make sure to log in and register using the parent portal.

The deadline to register is March 31st.

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